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Where do I find more details on how to play your games?

We usually make "How to Play" videos on our Youtube channel for our games. We also reach out to experts in board gaming industry who have their own Youtube channels, to share their understanding of the game play. Normally searching for the game in Youtube should give you the most popular results.

How easy is it to understand and play your games?

Our game publishing philosophy is to make games that can be learnt in 10 minutes. Of course, there will be some complexities like any other board game. It takes 2 to 4 game iterations for any one to get a fair understanding of any board game. 

Any tips for new board gamers?

We suggest that you play the first two games without the objective to try and win, but to try and understand the nuances of the game. Our games will intrigue you to explore different strategies to win - there is never one way to win.

Where can I find the rulebooks?

We have all PDFs of our rulebooks on our website in the "Our games" section and we also upload them in Board Game Geek profile of respective games. We also often have translations of the game rulebooks in different languages.

How can we be assured of toy safety?

The age demography of our games are mentioned on the game box and we state it explicitly in the product description. To assure you further, we go through a CE certification process which is an international standard, to get our toys/games tested for appropriate age group. 

For example, "Ettana - The Looms of Kanchi" has 8+ age group demography.

My game box arrived with damages to certain components or was missing any of the listed game components. Help !

Email and let us know what you're missing and your shipping address. We're happy to send a replacement.

If its a manufacturing defect, it will help us that you share the photos immediately before unpacking and using the game. This will help us explain the situation to our suppliers.

A game component got damaged / lost / broken after a certain time of usage. Help !

No worries :) Email and let us know what you need replaced and your shipping address. We'll often ask that you pay us a nominal charge to cover the shipping.

Are your games eco-friendly?

We strive hard and really take all efforts to minimize the carbon footprint. Hence premium quality is ensured in all our products. Normally, except for the shrink wrapping and any other particular packaging (small wooden components), we do not use any plastic covers. We use high quality wooden components instead of plastic where possible and replace zip locks with alternate storage bags (where possible). Our team goes through extensive research on eco-friendly aspects. The game boxes are also made very sturdy (like a piece of rock) and strong for this purpose to avoid packaging related plastic during shipping.