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Cholas Co-Co Book


Get your free copy of the Cholas Co-Co book

Complete the following tasks to register for a free Cholas "Co-Co" book, i.e. a Comic & Coloring book. At this moment, this free book is limited to US residents and only till stocks last.

("Limited to US residents" is simply due to our availability & possibility to organize shipping. We will consider extending to EU and India soon.)

We seek your patience while we ship the book to you.


1) If you don't complete all the tasks, the book will not be shipped

2) If we identify the profile to be fake - i.e. have limited followers or a bot, we will not be considering your registration

All our general terms & conditions apply


Tasks you must perform

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4) Post the link of this page by tagging us @mad4fungames and use hashtags #cholas #boardgames

Fill in the details in below form. 

  • Social media handle or link to your social media post where you have posted this page link. 
  • Share your Name & Address - so we can ship the Co-Co book